Christmas Present Wrapping

If you’re anything like me, wrapping presents are one of the things about Christmas you’re most looking forward to doing. There are so many ways to wrap and decorate presents, and you don’t even have to spend a fortune to find tiny bits and bobs that you can use to get creative and personalise your presents. You can get colourful wrapping paper with different patterns on them but to me personally, they are a bit too much. I much prefer a simple, classy way of wrapping with just a touch of Christmas. Scouring the aisles of different shops, you can find so many amazing decorations for very cheap. I know I like using plain brown paper to wrap presents as it lets my creativity bloom, and it happens to be one of the cheapest wrapping papers you can find, from about £1 for quite a few metres. I’m going to show you how I wrapped presents this year that don’t require too many items, and you can customise it as you wish.  So, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and put on your favourite Christmas film, we’re ready to wrap some presents.

christmas presents

The wrapping papers I’m using this year are all brown, one plain, one with little cars, and the third one with candy canes printed on them. I also got various ribbon and twines, mini baubles to use, and I’ll probably going to add some candy canes, holly, and bay leaves before they start their journey to my parents’. I like plain colours as the base colour because then I can use different colourful bits to decorate them with.

christmas presents wrapping

I will pick up some holly from town next time I’m going for a walk, so I can add them to the presents and make them even more festive. This is just a few of the presents I had to wrap, there are still a few more to do and I’ll definitely going to decorate them differently, and use different Christmas tags as well. I was looking at tags in different shops and they look lovely but why buy them when you can find so many funny and/or nice ones online and you can just print them off and use them. This is what I’m doing this year.

christmas presents wrapping

christmas presents wrapping

This is just a few ways to wrap presents which are very easy and cheap but also really decorative and look festive under the Christmas tree. You can also find so much inspiration on Pinterest as well, and my favourite gift tags will be linked down below. I made sure they are all free to use. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling me all about how you wrap presents, or if you have and tip and tricks.

Christmas tags

  1. Honest Christmas Gift Tags
  2. Hilarious Tags
  3. Merry Christmas tags
  4. Chalkboard Gift Tags




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