My 2018 Goals & Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. The lights and glitters of Christmas are all packed away (unfortunately) and we all start making resolutions and setting goals to make the new year better. I make resolutions every single year and then fail because I have no plan how to achieve it, how to stay on track. Even though I had no plans last year, amazing things happened to me, like moving in with my boyfriend last January, and getting engaged while we were visiting my parents in Budapest. The rest of the year was not really remarkable, and I was left seriously bored and uninspired. This, however, motivated me to sit down, grab my new journal and pens, and start actually setting goals – big and small – for the new year. I will most probably not be able to travel abroad as we’re saving up for our wedding, but London hosts so many interesting events, and it’s only an hour away from me by train. The opportunities are there, I just need to find them this year. Other than that, my focus will be on my health in 2018. I always have the same resolution as everyone else… to get fit, to look good. This year, I approached this from a different angle and turned it into an achievable goal.

new year goals

1, Get help

I have been struggling with my mental health issues probably since I was born. Growing up it wasn’t recognized, and in my teens and early twenties, I was told that I had to go through this myself because nobody else could help me, and I tried so hard but almost always ended up in the darkest and deepest corner of my mind, struggling, unable to get out on my own. Getting mental health help is long overdue but 2018 is the year I take the first step to get better.

2, Get strong

Getting strong is my version of getting fit and looking good. I’ve somehow reached a point where I don’t really care about being skinny anymore. Those years when I was obsessing over what I was eating, how much I was eating are behind me now, fortunately, my new focus is building a strong body, both physically and mentally. Moving my body is obviously a big part of it all, but the main focus here is eating enough. I spent most of 2017 not eating enough, not by choice but because I was too tired to cook, I forgot to take my lunch to work, I wasn’t feeling like preparing food for the following day, or just wasn’t feeling hungry at all. This meant that on some days I had only toast with butter, just a few, and that was my daily food intake. This year, I’m preparing and taking lunch and snacks to work, and trying out new, wholesome recipes.

3, Run more and charity work

Last year I participated in the Relay for Life for Cancer Research UK, and this year I want to do the same. Good news is, I’m already signed up, and joined my fiancĂ©’s team. The week after Relay for Life is Race for Life, a 5K race which I’m also signed up for already. This means I can help people, and I have to start running again… which I like but also neglected because sitting on my bum was much more comfortable.

4, Grow this blog

This is the one thing that excites me the most. I’ve been playing with the thought of starting a blog, and I have had some blogs in the past but never actually kept up with them, mostly due to being uncomfortable with sharing so much about myself. But this has been something that was always, and I mean always in the back of my mind, so this year, I will actually keep up with it, and hopefully make it a nice and useful place to visit.

5, Drink more, Eat more

As mentioned above, I spent most of my 2017 undereating and forgetting about drinking. So this year I decided to eat more, and drink at least 1-2 bottles of water every day, and I also started writing a food journal, and it’s been only a few days but I’m going strong and I can feel the difference already.

6, Read more, Write more

I used to love doing both of these quite a few year ago, reading ridiculous amounts of books and writing every single day before bed. These are something I definitely want to start doing again.

7, Take more photos

I tend to only take photos when I travel somewhere or when something big-ish is happening in my life, and I want to change that. I want to start taking photos of all the small happy moments surrounding me. I already set up folders on my computer to have a place to store the photos and to easily find them when I want to print some of them off. Taking photos is so important, memories fade and there’s something so special about being able to look back on your life.


What are your new year’s resolutions and goals? Leave the answers in the comment section below so I can read them!

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