February B&W Photography Challenge

Photography has been a passion of mine for a very long time, I love taking pictures and capturing memories that otherwise would fade away but I hardly ever grab my camera and start taking photos because I’m either too tired, lazy or just “don’t have the time”. So at the end of January, I came up with an idea. I had my notebook and wrote down “February black and white photo challenge”. I still wasn’t sure I would actually do it because I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t keep up with it, and I would just fail, but I did take my first photo on the first of February.

I did 27 days – kind of. I missed one day because I was sick and could hardly stay on my feet more than 10 minutes, and there was one day when I completely forgot about it and my fiancé took a photo for me, but on the rest of the days, I uploaded a photo every night. I originally came up with this idea to form a new habit and reach for my camera more often. In the beginning, it was actually really nice and easy to find things to take photos of, but as time passed it was harder and harder to come up with ideas as it was already dark after I left work so I had no chance taking photos outside of the house, and there is a limited amount of things in the house that were interesting enough to capture. I liked the fact that it sort of forced me to use my imagination and find objects in the house that were rather boring and to think of ways to make them a little bit more interesting…which didn’t always happen.

I knew I would enjoy this challenge and I thought it would help me build a new habit but it taught me a few things that were somewhat unexpected.

1, Lighting

I was already aware that natural light is the best source of light to take almost any kind of photographs and it is essential when you want beautiful black and white photos. The few pictures I took in natural light look so much better than the ones I had to take in the house without studio lights. If I ever plan to do this challenge again, I’ll make sure it’s in the summer months when I can go outside even after work and use natural light.

2, Sometimes it felt like a chore

After the first few days, it started feeling like a chore as I had less and less things to take photos of inside the house, and even editing the pictures wasn’t as fun anymore as I wasn’t inspired by the results anymore.

3, I hate taking photos of objects only

I have always been the kind of person who walked behind people waiting for the perfect moment to capture their real feelings. When my parents visited me here in England a few year ago, we went to London and I was always around them with my camera ready to take photos of my mum enjoying the city, I annoyed her a lot but I know she doesn’t like her photos taken, and she does act and pose awkwardly when she sees the camera. I don’t mind taking photos of objects but to me, there’s nothing better than capturing emotions.


I might do another photo challenge this year but until then the 27 photos can be found on my Instagram that I decided to update on a regular basis from February.


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