Review: Catcher By Kalyn Nicholson

catcher by kalyn nicholson

“When a boy with grey eyes tells you it’s not your time to die, do you listen? Ever since the day her baby brother Axel died, Carson has been dreaming of the same boy—the one who told her it wasn’t her time to go when her family’s lift crashed through a bridge railing and sank to the bottom of a river, shattering her life forever. Trapped by the new divide between her and her parents, and by their drastic measures to shelter the only child they have left, Carson escapes into her dreams every night, floating among the clouds with the grey-eyed boy who saved her. Until her eighteenth birthday—when fate sends her family home up in flames, leaving her waking world flipped upside down. Suddenly, Carson finds herself on the other side of the country in the big city of Terigon, alone for the first time in her life and dropped into the only waking dream she’s ever had: to attend Yorker Specialty School. But sinister forces are at work beneath the surface of her world, and as the grey-eyed boy slips away from her dreams—only to be replaced by nightmares of flame—Carson finds herself engulfed by a world of deathly secrets and haunting shadows . . . one that makes her the key player in the ultimate game of fates.”


Kalyn Nicholson is one of those very few people on Youtube who never fails to upload entertaining and inspirational content every week that will make you sit down with a cup of coffee and just watch the entire thing however long or short it may be. She’s created a little world filled with yoga, tarot readings, travelling, and “gysting” where you can hide when you have a bad day or get inspired if you struggle with self-love or believing in yourself.

She has been talking about writing a book for a few years that was a high-school project called Dreamcatcher turned into a full-out novel Catcher and I was rather excited when the book was finally released. To support her as much as I can, and because there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with an actual book in your hands, I ordered a physical copy and I was very excited to receive it and start reading it.

catcher by kalyn nicholson

The story is set in the future and is about Carson Wallace, an 18-year-old young woman who lost her younger brother in a crash when she was four. When their family lift went underwater and she was dying she met a grey-eyed boy who told her it wasn’t her time to go, and ever since that moment, she kept dreaming about him and they went on different adventures in her dreams. This was the only place she could really be herself, and do whatever she wanted to do because in real life her parents were incredibly strict and overprotective to keep their one remaining child safe from the outside world. As the story goes on we learn that her dream is to go to Yorker Specialty School and that dream comes true after their family home goes up in flames. In Terigon she meets someone unexpected and after doing some research, she finds out about terrible things and her waking life is being turned upside down.

I was not sure I liked the idea of the story being placed in the future as I don’t normally like sci-fi, and I’m still not sure how I feel about those bits in the story that are certainly present time habits or issues, like soy lattes and selfies. I especially had a hard time accepting the fact she described every food and drink with too many details, just as soy latte, again, or something made with coconut cream. I know I would’ve called it simply latte thinking that everything made in the future was finally vegan and we didn’t have to highlight our “special” needs anymore.

The beginning of the story – for me – was dragging, it was a bit boring, and I couldn’t grasp the idea of parents being so strict and overprotective just because they lost a child years before. Carson was basically kept in a ‘cage’, not being able to live her life the way she wanted to, or just couldn’t live like a proper teenager and after a while it got really boring that she basically couldn’t do anything just dream about a boy who set her free even if it was just in her dreams. After she arrived in Terigon and she met a certain someone, the story got a bit more interesting but left me rather confused which looking back now was a good thing, and slowly it all started to make sense and got me hooked on the story to the point that I just couldn’t wait to read more to find out what was going to happen next.

Despite wanting to give up on reading it as the pacing was very slow, I stuck with it, it improved and got more exciting. I would recommend Catcher to not just Kalyn’s fans but to anyone wanting to find a light, easy read.

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catcher by kalyn nicholson



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